The ‘perfect’ Insta

Out of all the social media platforms out there, Instagram has got to be my favourite. I must say, a perfectly styled and themed Instagram profile is lovely to scroll through and I’m all about the perfect flat lay, however, we do need to remind ourselves that what you see on screen isn’t always what you see behind it.

Often, people will see one another’s profiles and think ‘why doesn’t my house look like that?’, or ‘she must go out to eat all the time’, but that isn’t always the reality.

The ‘perfect’ Instagram can take a while to set up, there are often a lot of out takes so I’m going to give you a little behind the scenes look at my latest Insta post:

Above is what I posted, overall I was pretty happy with this, the lighting was good and I think the balance of the photo subject works well – the one thing that bugs me is that little bubble in my drink sigh (I didn’t notice it at the time) – but what you don’t get to see are the many outtakes (below) it took to get this and the edits I made afterwards.

So my take home message is, don’t be jealous of other people’s ‘perfect’ Insta. Be happy with the content you produce and try not to compare yourself, what you see isn’t always the reality.




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